First female tank operators join the Israel Defense Forces

The first batch of the female soldiers completed training to become tank operators in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), on Dec 5.

This group of soldiers went through 4 months of basic training in the Golani and Givati training bases followed by 4 months of advanced training at the “Sayarim” Base. During this time, they mastered their new positions and learned everything there is to know about tanks.

“We stand today to mark a small piece of history,” said Col. Moran Omer, commander of the training unit. “For the first time we will award the tanker’s insignia on the lapel of IDF female combat soldiers.”

“You handled complex physical challenges, you studied the profession, and, just as importantly, you learned to love the strength of the steel and to operate the capabilities of such a sophisticated system,” added Col. Omer. “We have a long trial period ahead of us, but you’ve proved to us that there is no ‘impossible’ – You smiled at the challenge and we’re all proud of your achievements.”

In the coming months, these soldiers will continue on to the next chapter in their service – guarding the southern border. In March, the soldiers will complete their final training marking the end of a trial period. Officials will then decide if these soldiers will continue on to train for border defense units or to be tank operator instructors.

At the end of his speech, Col. Moran Omer turned to the new soldiers and said: “Wear the tanker’s badge with great pride. Today, you are the first female tank operators in the border defense array.  Always remember that as advanced as it is, it’s not the weapons that matter, but the person in the tank.”

Israel Defense Forces (IDF)

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