France Delivers Nine ERC-90 Armored Vehicles to Chadian National Army

France has delivered nine ERC-90 armored vehicles to the Chadian National Army during an official ceremony in N’Djamena, Chad on Jan. 23.

The ceremony was chaired by Lieutenant General Abali Salah, Minister Delegate to the Presidency of the Republic and in the presence of General Perrin, Commander of the French Elements in Gabon (EFG).

The ERC-90 vehicles were provided with their complete support package, tools, spare parts, additional engines and ammunition, and were reconditioned by SGMAT (sous groupement de maintenance adapté au théâtre, “theater-adapted maintenance subgroup”) of Force Barkhane.

For two weeks now, with the help of instructors from the EFG, Chadian soldiers have been training for becoming vehicle commanders. The drivers will soon be selected and trained in turn, as well as the gun operators. These trainings will continue until June 2021 to work on combat maneuver and fire control and will end with a synthesis exercise with cannon firing.

In total, a pool of 12 crews will be able to use the ERC-90s and will allow the Chadian National Army to ensure a significant, operational and reactive armored capability.

Thus, since 2014, the EFGs have contributed to the training of more than 1,100 Chadian soldiers on average per year, whether in Chad or Gabon. In 2021, 51 training actions are planned. As part of its military partnership with France, the Chadian National Army benefits from a comprehensive equipment and training program to eventually have additional armored capacity.

Panhard ERC (Engin à Roues, Canon, “Gun-armed Wheeled Vehicle”) is a French six-wheeled armoured car which is highly mobile and amphibious with an option of being NBC-proof. The vehicle was developed by Panhard in the latter half of the 1970s as a heavier, six-wheeled successor to Panhard’s highly successful AML range of armoured vehicles.

Two main versions of the ERC were developed: first the ERC F1 90 Lynx, then the ERC F4 90 Sagaie. The Lynx was developed primarily as an armoured reconnaissance vehicle. The Sagaie was also an armoured reconnaissance vehicle, with the added secondary role of tank-destroyer.

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