French Armed Forces Orders Glock 17 Semi-Automatic Pistols

French defense procurement agency, DGA has ordered 74,596 Glock 17 semi-automatic pistols (pistolets semi-automatiques, PSA) for the French Armed Forces.

These new generation pistols will replace the two pistols currently used by the Armed Forces: the PA MAC 50 (MAC Mle 1950) which date from the 1950s, and the PAMAS G1 (Beretta 92). By 2022, more than 74,000 Glock 17 Gen 5 pistols is expected to be delivered to the French military.

The pistols are being acquired for all three services of the French Armed Forces- Army, Air Force and Navy – as well as other joint services. The planned distribution is around 80% of pistols for the Army, 10% for the Air Force and 8% for the Navy.

For the contract worth over 44 million euros, Glock is partnering with Sellier & Bellot, which will provide the ammunition, and Universal Training Munitions (UTM), for the training kit.

Glock 17 Specs

Length: 20.6 cm
Combat weight: 0.890 kg with a 17-round magazine
Caliber: 9×19 mm
Number of ammunition per magazine: 17
Additional Equipment: Tactical rigid case, laser designator, suppressor, transport case, ammunition, dedicated training, and instruction system.

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