Gibbs & Cox Awarded U.S. Navy Contract for LPD 17, LX(R) Engineering Support

Gibbs & Cox, Inc., has been awarded a contract by the U.S. Navy PMS 317 for Engineering Support Services on the Amphibious Transport Dock (LPD 17) and Amphibious Ship Replacement (LX[R]) Class Ships.

The LX(R) Class is the replacement for the LSD 41/49 Classes, and will be a derivative of the LPD 17 Class. Under this contract, G&C will provide Program Management for Engineering Support Services, Class Engineering and Technical Support to both LDP 17 and LX(R) Class Ships, and manage the PMS 317 Engineering Services Design Site.

PMS 317 is the Naval Sea Systems Command’s (NAVSEA) Program Office for the San Antonio-class Amphibious Transport Dock (LPD 17) and Whidbey Island / Harpers Ferry (LSD 41/49) class Replacement (LX(R)) Program as part of the Program Executive Office for Ships (PEO Ships).

“We are thrilled with this opportunity to provide technical services to PMS 317,” stated Chris Deegan, President and Chief Executive of Gibbs & Cox, Inc. “Gibbs & Cox has supported the U.S. Navy for over 84 years, and we are honored to have been selected to join the PMS 317 organization.”

San Antonio-class LPD

San Antonio class is a class of amphibious transport docks, also called a landing platform/dock (LPD), used by the United States Navy.

These warships replace the older Austin-class LPDs (including Cleveland and Trenton sub-classes), as well as the Newport-class tank landing ships, and the Charleston-class amphibious cargo ships that have already been retired.

Twelve ships of the San Antonio class were proposed, but only eleven were funded. Their original target price was $890 million; as built, their average cost is $1.6 billion.

Defense Authorization for Fiscal Year 2015 included partial funding for a twelfth San Antonio-class ship. As of January 2018 nine warships of this class are in service with the U.S. Navy with an additional three ships under construction or authorized.

LX(R)-class amphibious warfare ship

LX(R)-class (formerly LSD(X)-class) is a class of amphibious warfare ships under development for the United States Navy, to be contracted from 2020, as a replacement for the current Whidbey Island-class and Harpers Ferry-class dock landing ships.

The LX(R) is expected to enter service by 2025 or 2026. It will complement existing Whidbey Island-class and Harpers Ferry-class ships in U.S. service, eventually replacing these ships by 2039.

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