Greek Navy Frigate Collides with Turkish Navy Frigate Escorting Research Vessel Oruç Reis: Unconfirmed Reports

The Greek Hellenic Navy frigate collided with a Turkish Navy frigate that was escorting the Turkish research and survey vessel Oruç Reis in the Eastern Mediterranean, according to unconfirmed reports.

The frigates were identified as Greek Elli-class frigate Limnos (F451) and Turkish Barbaros-class frigate TCG Kemal Reis (F-247). Limnos reportedly suffered “limited damages”, while the Turkish frigate have suffered “more serious damage”.

Multiple Turkish Navy ships are escorting the Oruc Reis seismic research vessel in the Eastern Mediterranean, according to the country’s Ministry of National Defense.

“Accompaniment and protection is provided for Turkey’s MTA ORUC REIS seismic vessel which conducts seismic research activity in Turkey’s maritime jurisdiction areas in the Eastern Mediterranean,” the ministry said on Twitter. “The Turkish Armed Forces have taken all necessary measures within the framework of their determination to protect our rights and interests arising from international law in our maritime jurisdiction areas.”

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