Harris Corporation to provide weather observation support for Cape Canaveral

Harris Corporation has been selected by Ki Ho Military Acquisition Consulting Inc. (KIHOMAC) to provide real-time weather observation support for launch activities at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

According to the contract, Harris will provide a system to deliver real-time satellite data from NOAA’s newest Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES-16) that will support critical launch decisions at Cape Canaveral.

“Weather conditions have an enormous impact on go/no-go launch decisions from Cape Canaveral,” said Eric Webster, vice president and general manager, Harris Environmental Solutions. “We are proud to work with the Air Force to provide information on lightning, high winds and other severe weather, which can damage space vehicles and their payloads, and put launch personnel at risk. The Harris mini-ground systems provide customers with additional insight and capability as they create their own forecasts.”

Harris’ WxConnect Direct Receive system will allow Air Force personnel to receive more detailed weather data, in real time, directly from GOES-16. The satellite information will be rebroadcast from the GOES system, which transmits data from the main payload, the Harris-built Advanced Baseline Imager and all other instruments aboard the spacecraft. This puts the enhanced weather imagery in the hands of those who depend upon it to make real-time decisions necessary for launch.

Harris also built the satellite ground system for NOAA, which flies the satellites, operates the instruments and processes the massive amount of environmental information. In addition, Harris developed specific mini-ground systems for government agencies and commercial companies to have direct access to the data from the satellite.

Harris Corporation

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