HDRWF Critical Design Review Successfully Completed

The Critical Design Review (CDR) of the ESSOR OC1 High Data Rate Wave Form (HDRWF) was achieved in Rome on 18 December 2019.

The CDR is conducted prior to coding the HDRWF Base Waveform (the reference implementation of the HDRWF running on an emulated radio node, according to the ESSOR methodology) to ensure that the detailed software design solutions satisfy the requirements established by the Development Specifications.

The completion of the CDR freezes the software design of the HDRWF Base Waveforms and opens the path to its coding and integration phase and to the porting on the National Platforms. It also triggers the start of the testing phase, which will have its first event in the Technical Readiness Review planned at the end of January. During 2020 the ESSOR OC1 HDRWF will be incrementally implemented, tested and ported on the national Platforms, to undergo the final interoperability test at the end of 2021.

The outcomes of the CDR showed not only the technical value of the HDRWF software design, but also that this long-lasting ESSOR cooperation is able to gather the Participating States, the ESSOR Industries and OCCAR into a community sharing for a common culture which can benefit from a ten years Programme execution. This ESSOR culture is made of common values, such as European identity and Interoperability, best practices, such as Through Life Management, and especially of competent and committed professionals working together for the shared objective of making ESSOR the state of the art tactical communications means in Europe.

European Secure Software-defined Radio (ESSOR)

European Secure Software-defined Radio (ESSOR) is a planned European Union (EU) Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) project for the development of common technologies for European military Software Defined Radio (SDR) systems, to guarantee the interoperability and security of voice and data communications between EU forces in joint operations, on a variety of platforms.

The main scope of this project is to provide the architecture of SDR for military purposes and a military High Data Waveform (HDR WF) compliant with such architecture, thus offering the normative referential required for the development and production of software radios in Europe. In addition, the project will deliver guidelines that are related to the validation and verification of waveform portability and platform reconfigurability, setting up a common security basis to increase interoperability between European Forces.

The ESSOR products will be based on Software Communication Architecture (SCA) developed originally in the United States in the Joint Program Executive Office for the Joint Tactical Radio System (JPEO JTRS) program.

ESSOR Participating States:

• Finland
• France
• Italy
• Poland
• Spain

ESSOR Programme observer, in integration:

• Germany

ESSOR Participating State for Phase One legacy issues:

• Sweden

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