HENSOLDT Presents New ZF 1-8×24 Telescopic Sight at Enforce Tac

HENSOLDT has presented the new ZF 1-8×24 telescopic sight with a magnification of up to eight times at this year’s Enforce Tac trade fair in Nuremberg.

The ZF 1-8×24 offers an integrated red dot and a reticle that can each be separately illuminated.

Frank Topp, Head of Handheld Sight Systems at HENSOLDT, explains the background: “The ZF 1-8×24 offers the smallest variable magnification in the HENSOLDT portfolio. It was developed for short to medium ranges and is thus perfectly suited for the designated marksman and police forces.”

In this system, one-time magnification works like a red spot sight with a wide field of view. The shooter fires with both eyes open. In the ZF 1-8×24, the reticle is in the first image level, while the red spot is in the second image level and does not grow as the magnification is increased, so it does not conceal the target.

“As soon as the shooter chooses a magnification from 1.3, the red spot is switched off and the reticle is illuminated. The illumination setting can be fixed at any desired position but the illumination does not increase,” added Topp. T

he new telescopic sight from HENSOLDT also offers a detent that can be locked at the null position for the elevation and lateral sight adjustment turrets.

Series production could begin as early as the third quarter of 2019.


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