Hill Air Force Base Performs 10,000th Sortie of F-35A Lightning II Stealth Fighter Aircraft

The U.S. Air Force Fighter Wings assigned to the Hill Air Force Base, Utah have performed their 10,000th sortie with the F-35A Lightning II stealth fighter aircraft, on Oct. 18, 2018.

During the milestone sortie, the aircraft was piloted by Maj. Daniel Toftness, a reservist in the USAF’s 419th Fighter Wing.

The first operational F-35s arrived in Hill AFB in September 2015. The base is slated to be home to three F-35 fighter squadrons with a total of 78 aircraft by the end of 2019.

Hill Air Force Base houses the USAF’s 388th Fighter Wing (388FW) and the 419th Fighter Wing (419 FW). The 388FW is a USAF unit assigned to the Twelfth Air Force Air Combat Command (ACC) while the 419 FW is a USAF Air Reserve Component (ARC) assigned to the Tenth Air Force, Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC).

The active duty 388th FW and Air Force Reserve 419th FW will fly and maintain the F-35A jet in a Total Force partnership, which capitalizes on the strength of both components.

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