HMAS Hobart Visits Namesake City for the First Time

The Royal Australian Navy’s newest guided-missile destroyer, HMAS Hobart (DDG 39), has arrived in its namesake city of Hobart, Tasmania for the first time.

This port visit is the first time in 18 years a ship carrying the name Hobart has visited the city of Hobart and will see the guided missile destroyer feature as the flagship in the Royal Hobart Regatta.

The ship is the third in the Navy to bear the Hobart name. The first was commissioned in 1938 and served in World War II. Hobart II was commissioned in 1965 and served in the Vietnam War. It was decommissioned in 2000.

Commanding Officer HMAS Hobart, Captain John Stavridis, said the ship’s company are excited to strengthen the ties Navy already has with Hobart and Tasmania.

“Hobart has always been a friend of Navy and we are proud to bring our newest ship into this special city for the first time,” Captain Stavridis said.

“It’s an honour to show our capabilities and welcome the local community onboard just as they’ve welcomed us into their city. Hobart is a world-class warship and we appreciate the opportunity to visit our namesake and see the support we have from this community before we embark on a busy year at sea proving what we can do”, he added.

While in Hobart, HMAS Hobart will exercise their right to Freedom of Entry, participate in the Royal Hobart Regatta and host a public open day.

The ship is based in Sydney and will spend the majority of 2018 at sea as she works towards and completes her final readiness trials in the United States.

HMAS Hobart is lead ship of the Hobart-class of Air Warfare Destroyers (AWD) being built under the SEA 4000 program for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).

The second ship of the class, the future HMAS Brisbane (DDG 41) will be delivered to the Navy mid this year, and will be followed in quick succession by the delivery of the third and final destroyer, the future HMAS Sydney (DDG 42), in 2019.

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