HNLMS Groningen Back to Netherlands from Caribbean Deployment for Repair

The Royal Netherlands Navy Holland-class offshore patrol vessel HNLMS Groningen (P843) has to discontinue the deployment in the Caribbean due to a technical defect.

The ship started its return trip on Dec. 27 to the Netherlands where it is expected on January 16.

The early return is necessary due to a defect on the starboard axle. The repair is complicated and can best be carried out in the Netherlands. The NH90 maritime combat helicopter on board the Groningen will be taken back to Den Helder.

Following the development, there will be no replacement Dutch naval ship to the Caribbean in the short term and the Royal Netherlands Navy currently has no ships available for such deployment. The Navy said in a statement that the Caribbean Coast Guard will take over the tasks.

HNLMS Groningen is one of the four Holland-class patrol ships of the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN). These are flexibly deployable ships for the surveillance of coastal waters. In addition to anti-terrorism and anti-piracy operations, these so – called ocean-going patrol vessels (OPV) are also used for counter-narcotics operations.

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