Houthis Claims Shooting Down Saudi Wing Loong UAV Over Yemen

Houthi movement has claimed that it had shot down Saudi Arabia’s Chinese-made Wing Loong unmanned reconnaissance aircraft over Yemen.

The incident happened on Saturday, Nov. 30 evening in the Hiran district of Hajjah province. The Yemeni air defenses used a new surface-to-air missile (SAM) to down the drone.

“Yemeni air defenses are able to shoot down a Chinese-made Wing Loong fighter reconnaissance aircraft in the Hiran district of Hajjah province this evening during hostilities where they were targeted by a surface-to-air missile that will be revealed later”, tweeted the group’s military spokesman, Yahya Sarea.

The video of the crashed drone was released on the internet. The footage showed the crashed UAV armed with two presumably AKD-10/Blue Arrow air-to-surface missiles.

The Chengdu Pterodactyl I, also known as Wing Loong, is a Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance (MALE) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), developed by China’s Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group (CAIG). Intended for use as a surveillance and aerial reconnaissance platform, the Wing Loong is also capable of being fitted with air-to-surface weapons.

The incident came just a day after the shooting own of a Saudi Arabian Apache attack helicopter by the Houthis, resulting in the death of its two pilots. This incident took place in the Asir region of Yemen near the border with Saudi Arabia.

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