HSwMS Gotland Upgraded with OSI Maritime’s Tactical Dived Navigation System

OSI Maritime Systems (OSI) announced the inclusion of its Tactical Dived Navigation System (TDNS) as part of the upgrade of Swedish Navy’s first-in-class A19 submarine, HSwMS Gotland.

Led by SAAB Kockums, the A19 submarine upgrade was a comprehensive modernization program. Included in the upgrade, TDNS with ECPINS Submarine 6.2 (ECPINS) was chosen for its world beating dived navigation capabilities.

In the complex subsurface navigation environment the requirement to navigate without the aid of external sensors is paramount. High tempo tactical situations require that submarines minimise their above water signature, which restricts the use of sensors such as GPS. ECPINS innovative Dived Navigation methodology offers Submarines a unique GNSS Denied capability. Using an advanced algorithmic calculation, reliance on sensors is minimised, the Submarine can remain undetectable for longer and retains her full tactical advantage.

HSwMS Gotland
The modified submarine HMS Gotland has now been delivered to the Swedish Armed Forces. Photo: Glen Pettersson / Saab.

The confines of the submarine space present a challenging operating environment. OSI worked closely with the Royal Swedish Navy to refine and extend the system’s capabilities and functionality.

To improve operator’s response and awareness, sensor identification combined with mast management was paramount. Tactical Dived Navigation System features a bespoke submarine information display providing the operator with quick, easy to reference navigation details, improving dived navigation and safety.

Independently certified against NATO WECDIS STANAG 4564, and the only truly third party certified naval navigation solution, ECPINS is deployed with the navies of Sweden, the UK, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, South Africa, Portugal, and Brazil.

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