Huge Floating Dock Holding Russian Navy’s Sole Aircraft Carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov, Sinks in Accident

A huge floating dock holding Russian Navy’s sole aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov, sank accidentally on Oct. 30 in Murmansk during the planned exit of the carrier.

According to reports, the PD-50 floating dock sank suddenly with its crane collapsing onto the carrier’s flight deck. TASS reported that the carrier is now at the 35th Ship Repair Plant.

One person went missing and four people were injured in the accident with one of them in serious condition. A criminal investigation was launched to find the cause of the accident.

Zvezdochka Shipyard spokesman Yevgeny Gladyshev has told TASS news agency that the incident was caused by a power surge. “For now, the circumstances look like this: when [Russian aircraft carrier] the Admiral Kuznetsov was lowered, a power surge occurred from the shore, pumps shut down, and the dock sank,” he said.

The shipyard said the incident will not delay the planned repairs of Admiral Kuznetsov.

The PD-50 is one of the world’s largest floating docks and the biggest in Russia. It was built in Sweden in 1980 on order from the Soviet Navy. It is 330 meters long and 67 meters wide and has a lifting capacity of 80,000 tonnes. The floating dock has an area of 22.1 sq. km, which is slightly less than Red Square in Moscow.

Apart from the PD-50 Russia has another floating dock, PD-1, of approximately identical parameters in Severodvinsk. It is capable of accommodating large surface ships, such as Admiral Kuznetsov or Pyotr Veliki.

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