IAI Supplies MiniPOP EO/IR Systems for Guardia di Finanza Patrol Boats

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has provided MiniPOP EO/IR systems fitted with an advanced command and control unit to FB Design, an Italian builder of high-performance motorboats, which builds the new patrol boats for the Italy’s Guardia de Finanza (GdF).

Two of the ten patrol boats orders were already delivered to Guardia de Finanza for operational use.

MiniPOP is am electro-optical payload that weighs 7-9 kilograms. It includes advanced cameras used for day and night observation, as well as a laser pointer and laser range gauge. It features strong image-stabilizing capabilities to aid in long-term observations and real-time image capturing, in particular during difficult sea conditions. The MiniPOP is designated for broad use by manned and unmanned platforms on the ground, in the sea and the air and military, Homeland security and civilian applications.

Boaz Levi, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Systems, Missiles & Space Group said, commented, “The capabilities and performance of the MiniPOP have been proven in a range of operational activities held by dozens of customers in Israel and abroad. It is a high-fidelity system with some of the most advanced technological and image quality in defense electro-optics. As such, it allows the end-users to obtain high-quality intelligence in real-time and enable fast and effective threat detection. We are proud to provide these systems to the Guardia de Finanze and to collaborate with our partners at FB Design. We will continue to offer a range of solutions to the various applications of our global customers.”

Developed by TAMAM, IAI’s electro-optics and navigation house, the MiniPOP represents decades of experience accumulated at IAI. It joins TAMAM’s EO/IR family, which includes the M19. MOSP, POP, MiniPop and additional EO/IR systems deployed in multiple air, sea, and ground operations in numerous militaries and law enforcement agencies.

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