India Delivers Two Mi-24 Attack Helicopters to Afghanistan

India has handed over two Mi-24 attack helicopters to Afghanistan during a ceremony at the Kabul Air Force Base on May 16, the Embassy of India in Kabul said in a press release.

The helicopters were handed over by Vinay Kumar, the Ambassador of India to Afghanistan, to Asadullah Khalid, Acting Minister of National Defence of Afghanistan. Afghan Air Force commander Abdul Fahim Ramin also attended the ceremony.

“These are a replacement for the four attack helicopters previously gifted by India to Afghanistan in 2015,” the statement said. “The Mi-24 helicopters shall boost the capability of the Afghan Air Force and enhance the effectiveness of the Afghan National Defence and Security Force in combating the scourge of terrorism,” the statement added.

“The helicopters were purchased from Belorussia (Belarus) and were handed to the Afghan Air Force”, said Asadullah Khalid in a Twitter statement. “Two more of the same type will be purchased and supplied to the Afghan Air Force in order to make the areal operations more effective.”

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