India Signs $950M Deal to Procure Two Admiral Grigorovich-Class Stealth Frigates from Russia

India has signed a $950 million deal with Russia, on Oct. 27, for the procurement of two Project 11356M Admiral Grigorovich-class stealth frigates for the Indian Navy.

According to the reports, the two frigates will be bought directly from Russia after being built at Russia’s Yantar Shipyard in Kaliningrad. The ships are to be delivered to the Indian Navy in 36 and 48 months. Janes reported that Russia has partially built two Project 11356M frigates – Admiral Butakov and Admiral Istomin – which it now plans to complete for India.

Reports added that a new contract to build two more Project 11356M ships at an Indian shipyard is likely to be signed at a later stage. India’s state-owned Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL) will reportedly build the platforms following a technology transfer and the negotiations for the same are still ongoing.

This deal is the first capital warship contract signed since Project 17A frigates which was contracted in early 2015. Project 17A class is a follow-on of the indigenously designed and developed Project 17 Shivalik-class stealth frigates in service with the Indian Navy.

The new frigates will be similar to the six Russian Talwar class (Project 11356) ships already deployed by the Indian Navy. The Talwar-class are in turn the improved versions of the Krivak III-class (Project 1135) frigates. With the current contract, the navy will operate ten Krivak III frigates in future– the fleet’s largest single type.

These upgraded Krivak III-class frigates to be sold to India will have the same engines and armament configuration as the second batch of three Talwar-class frigates in service with Indian Navy – INS Teg, INS Tarkash and INS Trikand. This include the BrahMos supersonic anti-ship/land attack supersonic cruise missiles jointly developed by India and Russia.

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