Indian Army Rejects Locally Made Assault Rifle for Second Time

The Indian Army has rejected a locally made 7.62 x 51 mm assault rifle, which were supposed to replace its AK-47 and INSAS rifles, for the second time.

The service is now planning to issue a global tender to meet its long-pending requirement for 185,000 rifles.

Official sources told that the Army cited “poor quality and ineffective firepower” as the reasons for refusing to accept the assault rifle, weighing 4.5 kg, designed by the state-owned Ordnance Factory Board (OFB). The rejection came after extended user trials by the Army at the OFB’s Ishapore Rifle Factory, located in West Bengal.

Army sources said a “complete redesigning of the magazine” is needed to make loading the rifle easier. Safety mechanisms were also problematic with the rifle which had an “excessive number of faults and stoppages to the extent of more than twenty times the maximum permissible standards.” IA officers also said the fully automatic rifle had problems with rate of fire, flash and sound signature.

Last year, the Army rejected an indigenous 5.56 mm rifle called the Excalibur since it does not meet the firepower requirements.

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