India’s Second Scorpene-Class Submarine, INS Khanderi Starts Sea Trials

INS Khanderi (S51), the Indian Navy’s second Scorpene-class submarine, started her sea trials on June 1, leaving the Mumbai harbor for the first time.

Khanderi is the second of overall six boats to be built by Indian state-owned Magazon Dock Limited(MDL) in cooperation with French naval defence major, DCNS. Kalvari class is the name of Scorpene class of Indian Navy.

During her maiden sea voyage, the submarine tested her propulsion plant that brought her one step closer to joining the Indian Navy.

“The successful trial moved the submarine a significant step closer to her induction into the Indian Navy later this year. She will now be put through her paces via a rigorous set of trials, which are designed to test her operating envelop to the maximum,” a navy official has said.

The first in the class, INS Kalvari, is presently being readied for delivery in July/August this year, after completing live missile and torpedo firings.

Kalvari-class (Scorpene-class) is a class of diesel-electric hunter killer submarines designed for the Indian Navy to destroy enemy submarines and warships. They are armed with heavyweight torpedoes (Varunastra),  SM39 Exocet submarine-launched anti-ship missiles and naval mines. They have a speed of 37 km/h submerged; can dive to 350 meters and have a surfaced range of 12,000 km.

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