Indo-Russian Aviaindra 2018 Exercise Kicks Off in Lipetsk

The Aviaindra 2018 Russian-Indian air tactical exercise has kicked off in Lipetsk at the State Flight Training and Test Centre.

The Exercise Aviaindra 18 is being conducted at Lipetsk, Russia from 17 Sep to 28 Sep 18 and will be conducted in Jodhpur, India from 10 Dec to 22 Dec 18.

Some 20 pilots of Russian fighter, army and military transport aviation has arrived at the site of the drills. The Indian delegation also includes engineers, flight control and air safety specialists. Su-30SM, MiG-29, Su-25, An-26 and Mi-8 aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces will be involved in the drills at two aviation training grounds.

The Indian contingent for Ex Aviaindra departed for Russia on 15 Sep 18. The contingent comprises of 30 officers from different branches and streams of IAF including four women officers of Flying, Admin and Medical Branch. The aircraft that would participate in the exercise include Su-30 SM, Mig-29, Su-25, Mi-8 and An-26.

The aim of the exercise is focused towards anti-terrorist operations in a bi-lateral scenario. The exercise would further enhance the co-operation and understanding each other’s Concept of Operations. In addition to flying exercise, there would be formal interactions, discussions, exchange of ideas and friendly sports matches to enhance bonhomie between the two Air Forces.

Russian and Indian crews will practice combat use of missiles, bombs and small arms at ground targets, dogfight, tactical airborne assault and shorter runway landing.

First Aviaindra was conducted in 2014 and has been planned as a bi-annual exercise.

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