Indonesia Orders 59 QinetiQ Banshee Whirlwind Aerial Target Drones

QinetiQ Target Systems (QTS) has signed a contract to supply 59 Banshee Whirlwind aerial targets drones to the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI).

The contract was signed in May 2019 and the equipment has now been delivered with the customer training completed and signed off.

The Banshee Whirlwind is powered by QinetiQ’s rear-mounted rotary engine and provides accurate and reliable flight profiles of over 100 km, reaching flight altitudes of over 7,000 meters, while a radar altimeter allows the target to achieve reliable sea-skimming flight as low as five meters.

The target drone is fitted with QinetiQ’s own digital autopilot, telemetry, GPS and waypoint navigation systems. Up to four vehicles may be operated simultaneously from one ground control station when Banshee is flying in autonomous mode. This allows an entire mission, including launch and recovery, to be performed automatically.

Acceptance testing of QinetiQ Target Systems' Banshee Whirlwind aerial target drone by Indonesian Armed Forces personnel.
Acceptance testing of QinetiQ Target Systems’ Banshee Whirlwind aerial target drone by Indonesian Armed Forces personnel. Photo Credit: QinetiQ.
Photo Credit: QinetiQ.
Indonesian Armed Forces personnel who participated in the testing and operation of QinetiQ Target Systems’ Banshee Whirlwind aerial target drone. Photo Credit: QinetiQ.

The Banshee Whirlwind is one of a range of remotely piloted aerial targets offered by QinetiQ’s Target Systems business. The system has achieved worldwide acclaim and is in service, or has been operated under contract, in over 30 countries.

The order is evidence that despite the growing demand for unmanned next-generation transonic and supersonic targets that QinetiQ is designing, developing and bringing to market for customers – for example, the Next-Generation Banshee (Banshee NG) launched last year at DSEI – earlier models from the Banshee family of targets are still in demand from many customers.

The Banshee family of aerial targets is typically used by customers to represent threats posed by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), enemy aircraft and general aerial threat weapons. Variants of Banshee have been used by customers to test the effectiveness and operational readiness of weapon systems including: Air-to-Air Missiles (AAMs), Man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADS)/Surface-to-Air Missiles (SAMs) and Guns/Cannon Systems.

QinetiQ’s portfolio of unmanned targets for sea, air and land, enable countries to train with moving unmanned targets as opposed to static targets, to be more prepared for adversary threats.

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