Indra to Equip Mexican Navy’s New OPV with RIGEL Electronic Defense System

Indra will equip the Mexican navy’s new long-range Offshore patrol Vessel (OPV) with its RIGEL electronic defense system, which will provide the vessel with the capability of detecting the presence of other platforms.

The company has entered into an agreement with the Dutch shipbuilder DAMEN to implement its solution on the naval ships in the SIGMA series that the shipbuilder is currently building for the Mexican Navy for its long-range ocean patrol vessel (Patrulla Oceánica de Largo Alcance, POLA).

Indra’s system detects and analyzes radar signals in the vessel’s mission environment, identifying their corresponding radar type, which is useful for ascertaining the platform type and its level of threat. The system provides command officials with information on the environment, alerting them of the risk of being detected by another vessel, aircraft or coastal radar. Additional, the RIGEL system can strengthen ship protection with simultaneous jamming and deception countermeasures for multiple active threats.

The RIGEL RESM/RECM system –acronyms related to the system’s analysis/detection and countermeasure capabilities- is Indra’s next-generation electronic naval defense solution. The solution is based on broadband digital reception technology, a signal processing type that guarantees the maximum possible sensitivity and detection range. Tested under the most dense and complex electromagnetic scenarios, it has proven to have optimum response times and precision.

RIGEL technology will provide a major operational advantage. Over a hundred navy vessels on five continents have already selected Indra technology to protect and strengthen the capabilities of their ships and submarines. Its systems comply with the requirements of NATO countries, which call for the highest levels of performance, and have been used in a large number of multinational operations worldwide.

Some of the missions currently employing this solution include the Atalanta counter-piracy operation in the Gulf of Aden in Africa, and surveillance of the Mediterranean Sea to prevent illicit trafficking in goods.

With this project, Indra closed a major deal as a technology provider of naval solutions while strengthening its market position in Mexico, where the company’s permanent presence now spans two decades with over 2,500 professionals.


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