Indra Presents Lanza 3D Radar, AIRDEF System at FIDAE 2018

Spanish information technology and defense systems company, Indra presented the Lanza 3D radar and the AIRDEF system at the ongoing FIDAE 2018 International Air and Space Fair, the most important event of the Defense, Aeronautics and Space industry in Latin America, in Santiago, Chile.

The company said in a statement that the systems are the market’s most powerful air defense systems, currently protecting the airspace of countries across the five continents. It added that this integrated solution fully addresses a country’s air defense needs.

The company’s family of Lanza 3D radars covers surveillance, while the AIRDEF system is in charge of command and control functions. Indra has delivered this system to NATO and countries in Europe, Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, Africa and Latin America. Indra is a leading supplier of these types of systems. In recent years, it has delivered radars for the sum of €400 million.

In the field of electronic warfare (EW), Indra technology protects more than 20 types of air, naval and land platforms. The newest system included in its extensive solutions portfolio has been the DIRCM InfraRed Counter Measures solution. The Spanish Air Force has chosen this solution to protect the A400M. However, it is adaptable to any type of civil or military aircraft to protect it from attacks with MANPADS missiles launched from the ground.

Furthermore, the company stands out for offering logistic services and solutions that are the foundation for any type of platform and system life cycle. We must also add to its extensive experience in this field its leadership in introducing the concept of industry 4.0 to integrate intelligence in logistics management.

Indra is also known for being one of the most important manufacturers of civil and military simulators on a global scale. It has delivered more than 200 systems to over fifty clients.

Indra also develops systems for modernizing military armored vehicles, like optoelectronics vision systems, driving aids or gunsights. Indra has developed the Battlefield Management System (BMS) currently used in Spanish cars and vehicles participating in the NATO Mission in Latvia. Indra is also working on developing an innovative Integrated Mission System that will be used in Spain’s new VCR 8×8 vehicles, and that will facilitate total integration of communications and data gathered by their sensors. All of this with the goal of strengthening on-the-ground information coordination and availability to guarantee superiority.

Another of the company’s scopes of activity is the development of unmanned aircraft. Worth mentioning is the Pelican unmanned helicopter weighing 200 kg and with a scope exceeding 100 km, as well as its Mantis medium-range, fast deployment aircraft, weighing 5 kg and with a scope exceeding 10 km. Likewise, the company has developed an optionally unmanned aircraft weighing over 1,200 kg, fitted with high-capacity sea and land surveillance capabilities to cover civil missions.

This broad range of proprietary technologies is completed by its consolidated experience in Cyber Defense, a field in which the company offers solutions and systems for protection and prevention, detection, response and recovery after a cyberattack, as well as cybercombat systems. The company also designs, supplies and installs National Cyber Defense Centers.

“Indra is a leading company in Defense and Security which supplies systems based on proprietary technologies to Ministries of Defense and Interior, different organizations and public administrations, and to leading aircraft and vessel manufacturers,” said Javier Herráez, Indra’s Defense and Security Commercial Manager for Latin America, for whom “the key has been to effectively respond to the technological requirements of public administrations and companies, helping them implement their innovation and modernization processes.”

Meanwhile, Rodrigo San Martín, Indra Manager for ATM, Defense and Security markets in Chile, said that “Indra simulation technology responds to the interest of making available one of the world’s most efficient training solutions to this country and to Latin America.”

Indra in Chile

Present in Chile since 1995, Indra currently has over 800 professionals in this country, where it is one of the leading IT services companies. It offers a broad range of solutions and services in the sectors of Defense & Security, Transport and Traffic, Energy and Industry, Telecom and Media, Financial Services, Public Administrations and Healthcare.

Indra has a consolidated presence in the Transport & Traffic sector, where it has implemented traffic and toll management systems on several of the urban highways in Santiago and major roads of the country, and installed its modern ticketing systems in the Santiago and Valparaíso subways. Indra systems also operate at the Valparaíso Port, one of the most important ports of Latin America.

Indra was responsible for the first SAP implementation project in Chile and the country’s first digital hospital, located in La Florida. In total, it counts with over 50 successful references and holds Application Management (AM) contracts with major companies in the telecommunications, industry and banking sectors.


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