Indra to Supply Lanza LTR-25 Deployable Long-Range Air Defense Radar to UK Royal Air Force

Indra has been awarded a contract to supply the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force with Lanza LTR-25 (Long Tactical Range 25), an advanced deployable long-range air defense radar.

The company will deliver the system later this year, meeting tight deadlines. Indra was chosen after competing with the main companies in the industry.

The Indra LTR-25 L-band radar stands out for offering very high long-range detection capabilities, comparable to those of larger fixed radars, but with the added advantage of being able to operate very quickly and be transported in small aircraft, such as the C-130 Hercules tactical transport aircraft.

It is a robust solution designed to facilitate deployments outside the national territory, to reinforce the surveillance of a specific area on a one-off basis or to be available as backup in the event that one of the fixed radars is attacked or damaged.

Indra is a leading company in the development of radars and one of the main suppliers of this type of solutions for NATO. The company has won all the tenders awarded by the Alliance in the last five years. Its systems also cover surveillance of the whole south-western flank of Europe. Indra has delivered over 50 radars in total to countries from five continents, so the capabilities of its teams have been widely demonstrated in all types of scenarios and environments. The company also has experience in the supply of integrated air defense systems for a number of countries.

Lanza Radar LTR-25

The LTR-25 is a state-of-the-art, full solid-state three dimensional (3D) long range radar developed by Indra, which incorporates years of experience together with the latest technological advances.

The system also includes an Identifier Friend or Foe and Secondary Surveillance Radar (IFF/SSR), capable of providing target identification through interrogation and automatic processing of transponders replies in modes 1, 2, 3/A, C, 4, S and 5. The LTR-25 integrates a 3D Primary Surveillance Radar (SR) based on a pencil beam architecture which provides long range coverage.

The main function of the SR is the detection of non-cooperative aircrafts within the instrumented coverage volume, even under adverse conditions, including clutter and ECM environment. Target coordinates provided by the LTR-25 include target altitude (3D position).

The LTR-25 has been designed as a tactical deployable radar, with the capability of being transported by a variety of means, (road, air – aircraft or helicopter rail or sea). All the LTR-25 associated equipment is completely integrated, so that all operative, transportable and deployable capabilities of the system are maintained.

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