Intermarine Launches First High-Speed Multipurpose Patrol Boat, Angelo Cabrini for the Italian Navy

Intermarine S.p.A., a subsidiary of Immsi S.p.A., launched Angelo Cabrini (P 420), the first of two high-speed multipurpose patrol boats being built for the Italian Navy, during a ceremony held in Messina, Sicily on May 26, 2018.

The ceremony was attended by the Chief of the General Staff of the Navy, Squadron Vice-Admiral Valter Girardelli, the management of Intermarine and civil and religious dignitaries.The boat has been named “Angelo Cabrini”, in honour of the Italian Navy Admiral and Commando, who was decorated with the Gold Medal for Military Valour for the sinking of the York, a British heavy cruiser, on 26 March, 1941 in Souda Bay, Crete.

The vessel was launched by Ms Anna Accardo, mother of Second Officer Nicola Fele, an Italian Navy commando decorated with the Gold Medal for Naval Valour, who died in active service in the Adriatic Sea on 15 February 1992.

The K-180 UNPAV (Unità Navale Polivalente Alta Velocità, High-speed multipurpose vessel) is a versatile and modern vessel that will add notable value to the capabilities of the Italian Navy.

The vessels of the Angelo Cabrini class will support the operations of the Navy’s Special Forces (Operational Raider Group) during training and during actual operations. They will also be used to control maritime traffic, to combat illicit trafficking, to ensure security in environments where there is a threat of a symmetric warfare, and to assist personnel evacuation from crisis areas.

“The Cabrini is a further example of the significant capabilities and outstanding professionalism of ournational industry made up of large industrial groups and small-medium companies,” said Squadron Vice-Admiral Valter Girardelli, Chief of the General Staff of the Italian Navy. “It is the result of the productivityof the country-system: a product that, like others, reflects the quality of “Made in Italy” , which is admired all over the world.”

“Over the years, Intermarine has built up solid experience and expertise in the design and construction of military vessels with extremely stringent operating requirements,” declared Intermarine CEO Livio Corghi. “We have established ourselves as primary players on the international market by developing an excellent reputation as a supplier of special boats, including minesweepers, to the world’s most important navies. We are certainly extremely proud and satisfied to work with the Italian Navy.”

The 40 million euro contract awarded to Intermarine by the Italian Navy at the end of 2016 provides for the construction of a second UNPAV (named Tullio Tedeschi), whose launch will take place in the near future. In the meantime, at the Messina shipyard, Intermarine will continue the outfitting of the “Angelo Cabrini”,which is due to be delivered in April 2019.

The UNPAV vessels are designed to meet a widerange of needs, thanks to a platform providing for the transportation of special teams from Italy’s elite naval commando force, COMSUBIN-GOI. The boats can travel at high speeds and are built with materials offering ballistic protection, heat resistance, shielding against electromagnetic interference, reduced weight and high structural strength.

The vessel, built in composite materials, has an length of 44.16 m LOA, a beam of 8.4 m LPP and a displacement of 190 t. The hull and superstructure are designed to reduce radar, infrared (IR), and acoustic signatures.

The vessel features a stern ramp to embark a Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) Zodiac Hurricane 733 for COMSUBIN operational units, and an integrated launch and recovery system.

The propulsion system consisting of 3 pairs of Rolls-Royce Kamewa S4 waterjets and MTU 16V200 M94 diesel engines, delivering 2.000 kW (2.682 bhp) each, enables the vessel to have a top speed of around 32 knots. The waterjets offer high manoeuvrability and responsiveness to maintain stability when the boat is flanking other units.

The vessel is armed with an Oto Melara Hitfist 20 mm remotized weapon system, two 7.62 mm Dillon Aero M134D six-barrel rotary machine gun. It can be also armed with up to twelve 12.7 mm machine guns.

The vessel offers a high level of automation to limit the number of crew. The vessels carry a crew of nine and can embark up to 20 additional personnel. The vessels are expected to have an endurance of 10 days with nine on board.

The bridge has ballistic protection and offers 360° vision. The bridge operating console enables control of the entire combat system as well as of navigation and steering equipment and of the platform control and monitoring system.

A modular area in the covered aft section of the deck is designed for various types of operation, including naval assault operations, release and recovery of commandos involved in special operations. Specific configurations are available for the installation of a containerised decompression chamber to support underwater activities. Special areas are set aside to house COMSUBIN equipment.

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