Iran says its military vessel warned off US warship

Iran says its military vessel warned off a U.S. Navy warship during a rescue of a boat in the Gulf of Oman, Tasnim news agency reported Sunday.

But American officials have contradicted the statement and said there was no direct confrontation with the Iranian forces.

The U.S. Navy’s U.S. Naval Forces Central Command (NAVCENT) said that the incident happened on Wednesday and involved a small vessel some 75 nautical miles from the USS Tempest, a coastal patrol boat.

The Navy says another boat, Nordic Voyager, much closer offered assistance, with that vessel communicating with Iranian naval forces. The Iranian boat reportedly belonged to the Navy of Islamic Republic of Iran Army (NEDAJA).

Tensions have been on the rise between the Iranian and U.S. military in the Gulf in recent months.

In July, a similar U.S. Navy coastal patrol ship, USS Thunderbolt (PC-12) fired warning shots when an Iranian vessel in the Gulf came within 150 yards (137 meters) in the first such incident since President Donald Trump took office in January.

In August, an unarmed Iranian drone came within 100 feet of a U.S. Navy F/A-18E Super Hornet fighter jet as it prepared to land on an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf.

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