Israel test fires LORA surface-to-surface missile

      Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has successfully conducted the test firing of its new long-range artillery (LORA) weapon system against a pre-planned target.

      LORA, developed by  IAI’s MALAM division, is a tactical surface-to-surface quasi-ballistic missile with a range of  400 km and a CEP (Circular Error Probability) of less than 10 m. The missile weighs approximately 1,600 kg.

      An operational, ground launched version of the missile was tested from a naval vessel far out in the sea to demonstrate the weapon’s full range, in compliance with safety requirements. The weapon system consists of a command trailer and launcher vehicle. The missile has followed its intended course to the designated location, striking the target with high precision. Both the weapon system and the missile have successfully met all objectives.

      The missile was launched from an operational system — the system consisted of a command trailer and launcher — and struck its ground target with a high degree of precision, the company said in a statement. Additional details of the test were not disclosed.

      IAI has showcased LORA weapon system at the Paris Air Show.

Source: IAI

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