Israeli MOD Orders Rafael’s FIRE WEAVER Networked Sensor-to-Shooter System

The Israeli Ministry of Defense (MOD) announced the acquisition of Rafael’s FIRE WEAVER networked sensor-to-shooter system on Feb. 3.

The system will serve the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Ground Forces (Israeli Army) and will be operational in the coming year.

FIRE WEAVER was developed jointly by Rafael, IDF Ground Forces, and the Defense Ministry’s Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D) as part of the IDF’s battlefield digitization process. The system connects all battle participants, enabling the rapid, precise, effective, and secure closing of sensor-to-shooter loops. As a result, it considerably maximizes operational performance while decreasing battle duration.

FIRE WEAVER applies RAFAEL’s advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, processes the data, analyzes it, then prioritizes fire allocation. It calculates the optimal shooter for each target while minimizing collateral damage, and applying the rules of engagement in real-time.

Last month, FIRE WEAVER was selected by the German Army for its “Glass Battlefield” study in support of its dynamic operations.

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