Italy’s Leonardo Exhibits at the Singapore Airshow 2018

Leonardo is exhibiting its latest technologies and products in the helicopter, aeronautics and security sectors at the ongoing Singapore Airshow 2018, the Asia’s biggest aerospace show.

Leonardo is targeting the growing demand for border security, maritime patrol, air traffic control and rotorcraft in the region, offering comprehensive advanced technology solutions. The company already has an established presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Republic of Korea, Australia, Japan and Indonesia.

The growing requirements make Asia Pacific a key focus area as highlighted in the company’s Industrial Plan which was presented last month. The company said in a statement that its presence at the Singapore Airshow is part of its plan to further develop existing long-standing relationships and develop new ones with future customers.

Leonardo in Singapore/ Asia-Pacific

M-346 Advanced Jet Trainer

In 2010 the Republic of Singapore Air Force became the first export customer for Leonardo’s M-346 Advanced Jet Trainer (AJT).

The M-346 is the most advanced trainer in the market, specifically designed to train pilots for the latest generation fighters. The flight envelope, high thrust/weight ratio, the ability to develop high angles of attack and extreme manoeuvrability allow the M-346 to offer flight conditions comparable to those of new-generation combat aircraft.

This maximises training effectiveness and reduces the need to fly sorties on the far more expensive and complex variants of frontline types. These features make the M-346 an optimal solution also for the Aggressor and Companion Trainer roles.

The aircraft, already ordered by the Air Forces of Italy, Singapore, Israel and Poland in its AJT configuration, will soon be available in a fully operational configuration (M-346 Fighter Attack), too.

Air Traffic Control (ATC)

Leonardo is also present in Singapore with its state of the art Air Traffic Control (ATC) systems. The most recent contract was a multi-million Euro deal, signed in 2015, to enhance air traffic control surveillance at Singapore’s Changi Airport. Leonardo ATC Systems are also operating in other South East Asia Countries including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.


Leonardo’s excellence in rotorcraft is represented by successful helicopters such as the AW189, the market-leading super-medium helicopter and the intermediate models AW169 and AW139, comprising the Family of Leonardo new generation helicopters.

Over 450 Leonardo helicopters of all types have been ordered to date by defence, government and commercial operators in the region. These aircraft carry out naval, utility, national security, search and rescue, EMS, transport and maritime patrol missions. Especially strong is its presence in Malaysia, Japan, Australia, Indonesia and Republic of Korea.

Fixed Wing Aircraft

In the fixed wing sector the ATR 72MP, developed by Leonardo from the ATR 72-600 turboprop aircraft, is at the forefront of maritime patrol capability and benefits from the ATR global support network with consequent optimization of all the associated logistics support activities. With an endurance of up to 10 hours the ATR 72MP is able to carry out a wide range of missions including maritime patrol, search and identification of surface targets, C4i, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), search and rescue (SAR), anti-smuggling (including drug smuggling), anti-piracy, homeland security (HLS) and monitoring as well as disaster relief.

The C-27J Spartan, considered the benchmark medium-sized tactical airlifter is the best answer to a wide range of operational requirements in Asia Pacific, where it recently entered service with the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).


The company will be presenting its second-generation AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) surveillance radar, ‘Osprey’, which provides high-performance multi-mode capabilities without any moving parts.

Providing a range of options for customers, Osprey will be presented alongside the company’s PicoSAR AESA radar and Grifo-346 M-scan radar and a range of protective and intelligence-gathering electronic warfare equipment as well as IFF equipment and Software Defined Radio (SDR).


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