Japan Ground Self-Defense Force UH-1 Helicopter Crash Lands at Camp Tachikawa

A Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) UH-1J utility helicopter crash landed at Camp Tachikawa in western Tokyo at around 9:55 a.m on Friday, June 21.

The helicopter was conducting a training exercise while the incident occurred and both crew members escaped unharmed. The photo and video of the crash site released by Kyodo news agency showed the helicopter split in half and its main rotor damaged.

“We apologize for making residents in the neighborhood anxious,” Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya said at a news conference.

A Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force UH-1J utility helicopter with its tail boom snapped off is seen at the GSDF’s Camp Tachikawa in western Tokyo, after it made a crash landing during a training exercise on Friday. Photo: KYODO (Photo hosted by Japan Today)

JGSDF UH-1J helicopters are used for transporting personnel and materials, and to carry out rescue missions during disasters. They are to be replaced by a version of the Bell 412 EPI helicopter under the UH-X program.

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