Japan, Russia hold SAREX 2017 joint search and rescue exercise

The Russian Navy Pacific Fleet and the Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF) held the SAREX 2017 joint bilateral sea search and rescue exercise in the Peter the Great Gulf.

During the 17th SAREX international exercise, the Russian side was represented by the major ASW ship Admiral Vinogradov, rescue towboat Alatau and hydrographic boat BGK-2151. The JMSDF was represented by its Asagiri-class destroyer, JS Hamagiri (DD-155). Admiral Vinogradov is also carrying a Ka-27PS shipborne helicopter onboard.

At the sea passage, the ships of both countries conducted signal communications drills and worked out joint tactical manoeuvring elements.

During practicing the episode on rendering assistance to the person who is lost at sea, the Ka-27PS helicopter took off from the ship deck and carried out the search for the man who fell overboard. After discovering the “person” designated by a mannequin, he was taken aboard the helicopter and transferred to the Japanese warship.

Further, Russian and Japanese inspection teams made a landing from high-speed small boats to the side of the hydrographic boat of the Pacific Fleet, which imitated a vessel previously captured by pirates and partially abandoned by the crew.

Also during the exercise, training was conducted to assist the emergency ship. During this training, rescue parties were landed on the symbolically damaged ship and fire reconnaissance was carried out. The rescue towboat Alatau extinguished the fire and proceeded to tow the vessel to the port.

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