Kership Selects iXblue Navigation Solutions for Argentine Navy OPV 87 Offshore Patrol Vessels

Kership, a joint venture between Naval Group and Piriou, has selected iXblue navigation solutions to equip the three new OPV 87 type offshore patrol vessels being built for the Argentine Navy.

The Marins inertial navigation systems and Netans data distribution units (DDU) will provide navigation for these three future ships.

Already a partner of Naval Group and Piriou on various naval programs such as the future defense and intervention frigates (FDI) and multi-mission ships (B2M) of the French Navy, this is the first time that iXblue navigation systems have been selected by shipbuilder Kership.

“Kership’s choice of iXblue solutions for the navigation systems of the three new patrol vessels currently under construction is a source of pride for our group. These ships will join the Drummond-class corvettes (A69 type), Intrepida-class guided-missile patrol boats and MEKO-class Rosales frigate of the Argentine Navy which are already equipped with our technology,” explains Jean-Marc Binois, Sales Director. “This contract is an endorsement of the reliability and performance of our technology, already adopted by more than 40 navies around the world.”

Onboard more than 650 surface vessels and submarine platforms, the Marins navigation systems and Netans data distribution & processing units precisely meet the exacting requirements of the most modern combat ships. Based on iXblue fiber optic gyroscope technology, the Marins inertial navigation systems offer very high performance and provide highly accurate position, heading, roll, pitch and speed information in any environment, including when GNSS signals are inaccessible or jammed.

A central component of the navigation system, the Netans DDU interfaces directly with the ship’s sensors, acquiring, analyzing, correlating and distributing data to all onboard systems. The Netans Series provides robust, consistent and accurate navigation information in the most challenging operating environments while addressing the cybersecurity challenges faced by the world’s leading navies.


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