Kharkiv Design Bureau Hands Over Five BTR-4E Armored Personnel Carriers to Ukrainian MoD

Kharkiv Design Bureau has handed over another batch of five BTR-4E armored personnel carriers (APCs) to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

All APCs are equipped with KT762 machine guns manufactured by the Mayak Kiev state-owned enterprise, which is a co-executor of the contract. As of this month, the company has manufactured and handed over 28 out of 45 armored personnel carriers envisaged by the 2019 state defense order.

Ukrainian BTR-4E APC
An Ukrainian BTR-4E Armored Personnel Carrier (APC). Photo Credit: Ukroboronprom.

“All APCs have been accepted by the military defense of the Ministry of Defense and have already left for the military unit,” said the director of the enterprise, Jacob Mormylo.

The delivery of armored personnel carriers took place under a contract from the Ministry of Defense in 2016, which was unlocked by the joint efforts of the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense and the new leadership of Ukroboronprom in late 2019.

Kharkiv Design Bureau for Mechanical Engineering named after OO Morozov (HCBM) is part of the Ukrainian state-owned company Ukroboronprom SC. The Concern team, together with the management of HCBM, the new Mayak plant director and the Ministry of Defense, made significant efforts to revive the contract for the production of armored vehicles and machine guns for them. These armored personnel carriers are directly involved in military operations in the East, but have not been manufactured or supplied to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for more than two months.

“The contract was inherited from us in a hopeless state and for our team it was basically to save it, because its performance depended on the fate of one of our largest armored division factories. Upon contract failure, criminal proceedings were instituted and no one believed in the delivery of these vehicles to the army. We have done an unprecedented job together with government agencies and the contract is currently being fully implemented”, says Mustafa Nayem, Deputy General Director of Ukroboronprom for Cooperation with Public Authorities.

Most importantly, the performance of the contract allowed to resume production at another concern of the Concern – Mayak JSC, Nayem added.

“After almost two years of downtime, the plant has completely resumed the production of machine guns for armored personnel carriers and other weapons. The first batch of 5 machine guns for the BTR-4E has passed all tests, was accepted by the Military Office of the Ministry of Defense and delivered to Kharkiv, where they were installed on armored personnel carriers”, added CEO of the Concern.

“For two years the plant did not work, it was attacked by raiders and was gradually stolen by ex-executives. We changed the director to the Lighthouse, which stabilized the work of the company for three months, began to return the property and started production of machine guns under this state contract,” said Nayem.

The first shipment of military armored vehicles after the resumption of contract work took place in December 2019 – HCBM handed over 12 BTR-4E armored personnel carriers to the Ukrainian military. Further shipment occurred clearly on schedule. Thus, in February this year, the company shipped 3 armored vehicles, in January – 4, in March – 4 and 5 – in April. In total under contract HKBM should manufacture and transfer 45 units of armored personnel carriers BTR-4E.

During the quarantine in Ukraine, the production of machine guns at the Mayak plant and armored personnel carriers at the HCBM took place without delay, the state contract is executed in full and in accordance with the schedule by all the contractors, said a Ukroboronprom statement.

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