Kongsberg to supply NASAMS air defence system to Lithuania

Kongsberg has signed a contract worth €109 million ($128 million) with the Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Lithuania to supply NASAMS air defence system.

The contract includes new additional equipment, training and integrated logistics support package, as well as refurbishment and integration of government supplied components for a complete NASAMS system.

Lithuania announced an agreement with the Norwegian Ministry of Defence on procurement of NASAMS components on 21 Oct. 2016.

“We are pleased that the Lithuanian Armed Forces has chosen NASAMS. NASAMS, produced by Kongsberg and Raytheon, is the most sold air defence system in NATO in recent years, and will be the backbone air defence system for many nations in decades to come,” says Eirik Lie, President, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS.


NASAMS (Norwegian Advanced Surface to Air Missile System) is a distributed and networked medium to long range air-defence system developed by Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace and Raytheon.

NASAMS was the first surface-based application for the AIM-120 Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM). The missile itself is named SLAMRAAM (Surfaced Launched AMRAAM).

The system integrates U.S. built AN/MPQ-64 F1 Sentinel air defense radar and AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles with an indigenously developed Battle management C4I system called FDC, short for Fire Distribution Center. The FDC connected to a MPQ-64 radar forms an “Acquisition Radar and Control System” (ARCS).

The missile reportedly has a horizontal range of up to 25 km.


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