Kongsberg to Supply Protector RS4 Remote Weapon Stations for British Army Boxer Vehicles

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS has received a contract to supply Protector RS4 Remote Weapon Stations (RWS) for the British Army’s new Boxer 8×8 vehicles.

The contract, valued 1 030 MNOK, was signed with Thales UK Ltd. British Army is procuring new Boxer armoured fighting vehicles under its Mechanized Infantry Vehicle (MIV) program.

“We are very pleased that the British Army continues to rely on Kongsberg as the supplier of Remote Weapon Stations. This confirms the strong position of Kongsberg’s Protector RS4 RWS, and continues the close relationship between Kongsberg, the British Armed Forces and Thales UK,” says Pål E. Bratlie, Executive Vice President Land Systems at Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS.

More than 20.000 of the Protector RS family of RWS’s has been delivered to 23 countries since the beginning of this century. Kongsberg has provided UK with PROTECTOR RWS’s since 2008, and MIV is the seventh delivery contract including two upgrades for the British Armed Forces. The Protector RS4 RWS will be integrated on the British Army`s new fleet of BOXER 8×8 vehicles in close cooperation with Thales UK, Rheinmetall and KMW.

Kongsberg’s Protector family covers a wide variety from the small and light systems to medium caliber Remote Turrets (RT series). Among a wide range of capabilities, the Protector family also enables dual-user operations, counter UAS (Unmanned Aerial System), multi-sensor fusion, manned-unmanned teaming (MUMT) solutions, a qualified Safe operation via radio for use on UGVs (Unmanned Ground Vehicles) as well as other new functions required by the expanding user community.

British Army Boxer Procurement

Last year, the UK government signed a contract, worth £2.8 billion, to procure more than 500 Boxer 8×8 armoured fighting vehicles for the British Army. The contract includes the delivery of 5 prototypes in four specific Build Configurations and 523 series vehicles, initial In-Service Support Packages and Special to Role Kits.

The four build configurations are infantry carrier (MIV Protected Mobility, MIV-PM), ambulance (MIV Ambulance, MIV-A), command post vehicle (MIV Command and Control, MIV-CC), and specialist carrier. The specialist carrier version will be reportedly configurable to be used as a mortar carrier, engineer, reconnaissance or a joint fires vehicle. The UK vehicles have the ability to change within the variants by changing the interior, introducing different kits and assemblies depending on the mission.

The Boxer vehicles are being procured under the British Army’s Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) program and will form part of the Army’s Strike brigades, new units set up to deploy rapidly over long distances across varied terrains.

The plan says to have the first trials in June 2022 and the delivery of the first series vehicle to the British Army by November 2022.

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