Leonardo DRS Receives Contracts to Deliver P5 Combat Training Systems for U.S. Air Force, Allied Nations

Leonardo DRS, Inc. announced today that it was awarded multiple contracts from Cubic Global Defense, a business division of Cubic Corporation, to deliver its advanced air combat training system pods to U.S. and allied air forces around the world.

Under the contracts, worth a total of $60 million, the company will deliver more than 250 P5 Combat Training System (P5CTS) pods and associated services. As the principal subcontractor to Cubic Global Defense, the Leonardo DRS Airborne and Intelligence Systems business unit designs, produces and supports the P5CTS pods for the Air Combat Training System.

Leonardo DRS is responsible for performance in all areas related to the P5 Combat Training System airborne instrumentation subsystem to include real-time weapon simulation, a high fidelity instrumentation data link, and onboard data recording to support real-time training operations and post-mission debriefing.

“We are proud to be chosen to provide our high-performing technology to the U.S. Air Force and air forces of these allied countries so their pilots can effectively train to the highest standards of combat flight tactics,” said Larry Ezell, Senior Vice President General Manager of the Leonardo DRS Airborne and Intelligence Systems business unit. “These awards highlight the strong commitment Leonardo DRS has to both our teammate, Cubic Global Defense, as well as to our U.S. Air Force and international customer base,” he said.

The P5CTS has become the standard in the current generation of air combat training with over two million service hours. More than 30 U.S. air combat training locations and multiple international partner air forces around the world are now flying the P5CTS.

Leonardo DRS

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