Leonardo Launches MAIR Threat Warning System Providing Spherical IR Protection

At the Paris Air Show (Le Bourget, 17-23 June), Leonardo will exhibit for the first time its new multi-aperture infrared missile warning system (Multiple Aperture Infra-Red – MAIR), capable of significantly increase the level of situational awareness and crew protection.

MAIR uses several distributed cameras that allow a complete spherical coverage around the aircraft, thus guaranteeing an early alarm and a high probability of detecting possible threats on arrival, with a very low false alarm rate even in areas characterized by strong electromagnetic disturbances. The MAIR leverages Leonardo’s many years of experience in the supply of IRST systems (Infra Red Search and Track) for research and tracking for aircraft such as the Eurofighter Typhoon, equipped with the PIRATE, and the Gripen E, with Skyward on board. -G by Leonardo. In addition to the missile alert, MAIR provides the indication of hostile fire, the production of day and night spherical images and the complete IRST functionality.

As part of a suite of defensive aids, MAIR can significantly improve crew safety by detecting, tracking, classifying and warning that a threat is approaching, so as to quickly activate a countermeasure system – such as the DIRCM (Directed InfraRed CounterMeasure) of Leonardo – to make it ineffective. MAIR’s sophisticated infrared technology detects threats at a very early stage, allowing operators to have more time available to counter them.

Thanks to its low weight, the MAIR can be installed on a wide range of fixed and rotating wing platforms, such as fighters, helicopters, surveillance and transport aircraft, commercial aircraft. Tested successfully in 2018 during the exercise “Surface to Air Launch Trials (Salt III)”, the MAIR is expected to enter the production phase in 2020.

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