Leonardo Signs Collaboration Agreement with Slovakia’s Konstrukta Defence

Leonardo has signed a collaboration agreement with Slovakia’s Konstrukta Defence, a leading provider of artillery systems, that will see the two companies working together in the precision-guided ammunition field.

The agreement will see Leonardo’s precision-guided Vulcano ammunition integrated onto Konstrukta’s ZUZANA 2 155mm/52 cal artillery system, with the two companies going on to jointly market the products internationally. Leonardo and Konstrukta will also explore further collaboration with a view towards developing common defence European capabilities.

The partnership is in line with the goals of the European PeSCo (Permanent Structured Cooperation) initiative, which aims to improve the operational capabilities of member states by pooling resources and developing military equipment in a collaborative manner. Both Italy and Slovakia are members of PeSCo.

155 mm ShKH ZUZANA 2

155 mm ShKH ZUZANA 2 Self-propelled Gun Howitzer is a Slovak artillery system with a 52-caliber gun and automatic loader for loading of both projectile and charge. It is an updated version of the 45-caliber SpGH ZUZANA and an evolution of the 152mm SpGH DANA self-propelled howitzer.

The system features long range, high accuracy and rate of fire, prompt preparation for firing and high level of mobility ensured by a modified TATRA 8×8 chassis. Design of the gun enables to use any NATO standard 155mm ammunition available on the market.

The Fire Control System enables for a Multiple Round Simultaneous Impact (MRSI) mode. One of the unique features of ZUZANA is that the gun is mounted externally in between two totally separated compartments of the turret. This makes the crew inherently safe from any potentially dangerous mechanics of the gun and autoloader plus the crew is protected from the gases generated during firing.

Leonardo Vulcano

Leonardo Vulcano is a family of unguided (BER) and guided (GLR) ammunition for the 76mm, 127mm naval guns and 155mm land artillery systems.

The Vulcano 155mm ammunition gives the 155/52 caliber and 155/39 caliber Howitzers the capability to extend their operative range and precision beyond the actual limits, minimizing engagement costs and collateral damages.

Vulcano 155mm projectile is a sub-caliber, fin stabilized airframe, compatible with the use of standard modular charges, with no need of additional propulsion; it is loaded with Insensitive Explosive and Patented tungsten rings; the mechanical interfaces are the same as in standard 155mm ammunition.

VULCANO 155mm available rounds are:

+ Ballistic Extended Range (BER) unguided multi-role ammunition with multi function (Altimetric, Impact, Delayed Impact, Time, Self-Destruction) programmable fuze;
+ Guided Long Range (GLR) with canard control actuated by IMU + GPS guidance system for navigation (gliding trajectory )and possibility of terminal guidance (pull down) with optional Semi-Active-Laser (SAL).

A Mission Planning Module allows exchanging data with the Fire Direction Centre for the management of the Firing Mission.

BAE Leonardo Vulcano PGM
Leonardo Vulcano PGM

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