Brazil’s Federal Highway Police Orders Six Leonardo AW119Kx Helicopters

Brazil’s Federal Highway Police (Polícia Rodoviária Federal, PRF) has ordered six Leonardo AW119Kx single-engine helicopters, the company announced today.

The new AW119Kxs will be operated by the PRF’s Air Operations Division (DOA) from its bases in the five Regions of Brazil to perform a range of missions including transport, rescue, emergency medical service (EMS), firefighting, surveillance and law enforcement.

According to Leonardo statement, the first helicopter is expected to be introduced in Brazil beginning next year, with the delivery of the remaining helicopters to the operator planned to be completed by mid-2021.

The selection of the AW119Kx by the PRF was made following a rigorous assessment of technical capabilities to best meet the law enforcement agency’s needs. The helicopters will feature an advanced customized configuration including, among others, a Garmin G1000NXi glass cockpit, an infrared capable electro-optical system, rescue hoist, cargo hook, bambi bucket to counter fires, rappelling kit on both sides for special forces operations, advanced communication systems.

To date there are over 190 Leonardo helicopters of various types operating in Brazil performing many roles including: corporate/private transport, law enforcement, public services, offshore transport, and naval applications. The handover of these AW119Kx helicopters to PRF will further expand the fleet of Leonardo helicopters used by law enforcement, rescue and public service operators across Brazil which already includes the AW119 single engine type in addition to the AW109 light twin and AW139 intermediate twin models.

Leonardo claims the AW119Kx to be the best in class single engine helicopter available in the market today. The helicopter features a state-of-the-art avionics system for enhanced situational awareness, mission effectiveness and safety. The AW119Kx has a large cabin which is able to accommodate up to six passengers and redundancy of all critical systems that are typically available on twin engine aircraft, ensuring outstanding reliability and safety.

The AW119Kx is perfectly suited to perform many roles including EMS, law enforcement, utility, firefighting, passenger transport, training and government/military duties

Over 350 AW119 helicopters have been ordered by over 130 customers in 40 countries. A number of law enforcement, public service agencies or armed forces around the world have chosen or are already using the AW119 in Brazil, USA, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Portugal, Finland, Latvia to name a few.

A variant of the AW119 was selected by the U.S. Navy in January to train the country’s next-generation of naval aviators.

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