Lockheed Martin Delivers New Chinook Training Facility for Royal Air Force

A new training facility was opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Royal Air Force (RAF) Odiham. Delivered by Lockheed Martin, the Synthetic Training System facility provides the Royal Air Force with leading simulator technology for pilots and crews training to operate Chinook Mk6 aircraft as well as classrooms, mission planning and brief and debrief rooms.

“Connectivity between the separate Flight Deck and Rear Cabin simulators enables whole- crew training for Chinook teams to experience operational scenarios in a coherent realistic environment, something that they have never had before,” said Tom Gordon, vice president, Training and Simulation Solutions at Lockheed Martin. “We are proud to deliver the latest training technology and simulators to Joint Helicopter Command and Royal Air Force Odiham, and we are committed to meeting the training requirements and supporting the complex missions of the UK Chinook Force.”

In 2015, Lockheed Martin was awarded a contract by the UK Ministry of Defence to design, build and manage the facility, as well as introduce the training system for the Chinook Mk6. An integrated team consisting of Lockheed Martin and Inzpire personnel deliver a support package including maintenance and instruction at the RAF Odiham training facility.

“The Chinook Synthetic Training Facility builds on our relationship delivering the UK Military Flying Training System (UKMFTS) as part of the Ascent joint venture,” said Paul Livingston, vice president & group managing director, Rotary and Mission Systems UK at Lockheed Martin. “Along with the synthetic training devices we provide for the C-130J, Merlin Mk2 and shortly the F-35 at RAF Marham, we are at the heart of delivering operational training for UK aircrew.”

Lockheed Martin

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