Lockheed Martin Launches Spec Ops Configured C-130J Super Hercules, Called C-130J SOF

Lockheed Martin launched a new special operations variant of its C-130J Super Hercules airlifter, called C-130J SOF,  at the Paris Air Show 2017.

The C-130J-SOF is the 10th production variant of the Super Hercules. This multi-mission aircraft is specifically intended to execute strategic operations in support of international Special Operations Forces (SOF).

The multi-mission aircraft provides specialized intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) support, along with infiltration, exfiltration, and re-supply of special operations forces and equipment in hostile or denied territory.

With added special mission equipment options, the C-130J-SOF may be configured to execute armed overwatch, precision strike, helicopter and vertical lift aerial refueling, psychological operations, high-speed/low-signature airdrop resupply, personnel recovery, forward area refueling point (FARP) operations, and humanitarian/rescue operations. The options include a 30mm gun and Hellfire missiles, aerial refueling and Forward Area Refueling Point (FARP) operations.

The C-130J Super Hercules aircraft is currently used by 17 nations. To date, the Super Hercules fleet has surpassed more than 1.5 million flight hours.

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