Russia’s Lotos Self-Propelled Mortar System Undergoing Preliminary Tests

Russia’s 2S42 Lotos self-propelled mortar system, developed by Central Scientific – Research Institute for Precision Machine Engineering (TsNIITochMash) of the Rostec State Corporation, is undergoing preliminary tests, Rostec announced.

During the tests, the combat vehicle, being developed for the Russian Airborne Forces, will travel over 600 km, fire 300 rounds and overcome various types of obstacles.

The pre-test program includes over 80 items. It will make it possible to determine and evaluate the tactical, technical and operational characteristics of a prototype 120-mm gun, compliance with the requirements of the tactical and technical assignment, and develop recommendations for conducting state tests.

“Lotus will demonstrate its work in motion, afloat and while landing. Of the 600 km of run, 50% will be on dirt roads, 30% on cobblestone and gravel roads, and 10% of the car will be off-road. The tests will make it possible, among other things, to evaluate the capabilities of the self-propelled gun to overcome various obstacles,” said Bekkhan Ozdoev, industrial director of Rostec.

During the firing tests, checks will be made of the maximum and minimum range and accuracy of fire on the ground, accuracy and accuracy of direct fire, rate of fire with various types of ammunition.

2S42 Lotos has a mass of no more than 18 tons, a maximum speed of 70 km/h, an engine power of 450 hp and a cruising range of not less than 500 km. The combat crew consists of four people. The firing range is up to 13 km with the rate of fire of 6-8 rounds per minute.

The vehicle was created on a chassis unified in units and assemblies with the BMD-4M, equipped with a fighting compartment with a 120-mm gun with a high degree of automation of preparation and firing operations.

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