Mali Air Force A-29B Super Tucano Crashes Killing Both Pilots

An Embraer A-29B Super Tucano light attack and trainer aircraft operated by the Mali Air Force (Armée de l’air du Mali) crashed near Sévaré town in the Mopti region on April 7 killing both the pilots on board.

The aircraft reportedly crashed after losing control during landing and the exact cause of the accident is currently unknown. The Mali Air Force’s Base Aerienne 102 is located at Sevare Airport.

The pilots killed in the accident were identified as Captain Moussa Maïga and Second Lieutenant Mamadou Boubacar Traoré. An investigation is now underway to determine the causes of the accident.

In June 2015, the Malian government ordered six Super Tucano light attack aircraft from the Brazilian company Embraer. The contract also included logistic support for the operation of these aircraft and also provides a training system for pilots and mechanics of the Mali Air Force.

The Mali Air Force took delivery of four Super Tucano aircraft in 2018 and deploys them for advanced training, border surveillance, and internal security missions. The status of the remaining two aircraft is not known.

A-29 Super Tucano

Embraer EMB 314 Super Tucano, also named ALX or A-29, is a turboprop light attack, combat and reconnaissance aircraft designed and built by Brazil’s Embraer as a development of the Embraer EMB 312 Tucano.

Designed to operate in high temperature and humidity conditions in extremely rugged terrain, the Super Tucano is highly maneuverable, has a low heat signature, and incorporates fourth-generation avionics. It can carry a wide variety of weapons, including precision-guided munitions (PGMs), and was designed to be a low-cost system operated in low-threat environments.

Super Tucano can be used for counter-insurgency (COIN), close air support (CAS), and aerial reconnaissance missions in low-threat environments, as well as providing pilot training.

In addition to its manufacture in Brazil, Embraer has set up a production line in the United States in conjunction with Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) for the A-29’s many export customers. The A-29 is the only light attack aircraft in the world with a U.S. Air Force Military Type Certificate.

The A-29 has already been selected by 14 partner air forces around the world including Afghanistan and Lebanon to deliver cost-effective close air support (CAS) and reconnaissance capabilities.

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