MBDA Submits Updated Offer for Polish Ottokar-Brzoza Tank Destroyer Program

MBDA submitted an updated offer for the Polish Ottokar-Brzoza tank destroyer program based on the Brimstone precision anti-tank missile during the International Defense Industry Exhibition MSPO 2020.

Only the Brimstone missile with Advanced Millimeter Radar (mmW) allows the Tank Destroyer to fire volleys at multiple moving armored targets in all weather conditions, out of sight and when the enemy is using masking and countermeasures.

During MSPO 2020, at the MBDA stand, new concepts of tank destroyers are presented, including a combat system simulator, showing the capabilities of a tank destroyer using the Polish artillery Topaz combat control system. The Brimstone launcher can be mounted inside an armored vehicle, providing maximum protection and concealing the vehicle’s true purpose (as a tank destroyer).

Adrian Monks, MBDA Sales Director in Poland, said: “Our updated offer provides a solution that uniquely meets Poland’s requirements for a tank destroyer capable of fighting large armored formations. Thanks to close cooperation with Polish industry, the Ottokar-Brzoza tank destroyer armed with Brimstone will be built in Poland ”.

Polish plants are already producing components for the Brimstone missile, and the Mesko SA company has become part of the global chain of suppliers of its components for MBDA. During MSPO 2019, representatives of the Polish side and MBDA signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the integration of Brimstone with PGZ armored vehicles for the Polish tank destroyer program. During MSPO 2019, PGZ and MBDA showed prototype tank destroyers armed with these missiles.

Using domestic artillery and communications systems for fire control, a Brimstone-armed Tank Destroyer can fire a full salvo and then reposition in seconds without requiring an operator to interfere with the missile’s trajectory to the target. The unlimited number of fire channels available to each operator reduces operating time and increases survivability combat vehicle, while significantly reducing the crew workload and training requirements for the crew, and thus the total cost of the entire system life cycle (LCC).

AMZ Zubr Brimstone Launch
Rendering of Polish Army AMZ Żubr wheeled armoured vehicle firing MBDA Brimstone missile. MBDA Photo.
Polish BWP 1 Brimstone Launch
Rendering of Polish Army BWP-1 armoured vehicle firing MBDA Brimstone missile. MBDA Photo.
KTO Rosomak Brimstone Launch
Rendering of Polish Army KTO Rosomak 8×8 wheeled armoured vehicle firing MBDA Brimstone missile. MBDA Photo.
MBDA Brimstone missile
MBDA Brimstone missile

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