MBDA unveils SmartGlider family of guided weapons

      MBDA unveiled SmartGlider family of guided weapons, optimized to counter anti-access and other emerging battlefield threats, at Paris Air Show.

      SmartGlider forms a family of all-up-round precision glide weapons, with folding wings and a range of over 100 km. This new generation of air-to-ground weapons is designed to counter new networked short and medium range surface-to-air threats, as well as moving/fixed targets.

      The SmartGlider Light is 2 meters long and weighs 120 kg. 12 to 18 SmartGlider Lights can be carried on an aircraft on Hexabomb Smart Launcher (HSL). The SmartGlider Light will allow first-day-entry by saturating and destroying enemy air defences. For general purpose missions, the SmartGlider Light can be engaged against a wide spectrum of targets, from hardened and defended fixed targets such as hangars, to relocatable targets that can only be destroyed from a standoff distance with significant lethal effects.

      The SmartGlider Heavy, weighing 1,300 kg, is able to carry a multipurpose warhead of more than 1,000 kg to deal with large and hardened infrastructure.

      The system is expected to be operational no later than 2025.

Source: MBDA

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