MD Helicopters Delivers New MD 530F to International Defense & Aerospace Group

MD Helicopters, Inc. (MDHI) announced the sale and delivery of a new MD 530F helicopter to International Defense & Aerospace Group, LLC (IDAG), a Pennsylvania-based authorized sales agent.

The company’s first state-of-the-art MD 530F aircraft with a production all-glass cockpit, the custom-configured F-model will join an IDAG fleet of training aircraft operated by the Slovak Training Academy that also includes five (5) MD 500E-model helicopters. Its primary role will be to support the tactical and NVG flight training needs of military and paramilitary helicopter pilots from around the world.

“We are excited about the sale of this MD 530F, and the opportunity to have military and paramilitary pilots from around the world train in the MD 530F,” said Lynn Tilton, MD Helicopters, Inc. Chief Executive Officer. “MD Helicopters and International Defense & Aerospace Group are aligned in our commitment to delivering excellence in product quality, support and training, and in our belief that the MD 500E and MD 530F airframes offer the best performance in their class for training, law enforcement and military operations.”

An authorized MDHI Sales Agent for select Central and Eastern European opportunities since 2017, International Defense & Aerospace Group (IDAG) focuses on the sale and service of specialty rotorcraft solutions to military and paramilitary operators throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Global airborne law enforcement, military, and Special Forces operators worldwide also recognize IDAG for offering a comprehensive curriculum of transition and tactical flight training.

“We believe in the quality, proven performance and durability of MD Helicopters’ aircraft,” said Bob Caldwell, President and CEO of IDAG. “The MD 500-series helicopters are perfectly suited for training missions. They are incredibly robust, economical to operate, and have an unmatched safety record.”

IDAG also supports fleet operations and flight crew training for several regional national police agencies and operators.

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