Mikros Systems Announces $4.7 Million Award to Expand AN/SYM-3 Program

Mikros Systems Corporation announced $4.7 million of additional funding from the U.S. Navy to expand its flagship AN/SYM-3 program to additional LCS systems, new combat systems, and two new ship classes.

The new funding was part of the third Delivery Order awarded under Mikros’ long-term Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract with the Navy’s Port Hueneme Division. The previously announced delivery order has a ceiling of $21 million. The funding will provide for continuing installations on Littoral Combat Ships (LCSs) and development of Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) solutions for aircraft carriers and “big deck” amphibious ships.

The SYM-3 CBM system is currently used on the LCS Class to monitor key combat system equipment. It operates 24/7 and reports performance data back to shore over secure data links for analysis by the Navy In-Service Engineering Agents (ISEAs) at Port Hueneme and other locations throughout the world.

“Expanding and extending our SYM-3 program is a key component of our corporate strategic growth plan,” said Lori Ogles, Mikros VP of Programs and Business Development. “The system has now been installed on both the Freedom and Independence variants of the LCS, for a total of five ships, with one installation in process. This new funding will cover installations on additional ships and expansion of the SYM-3 to monitor additional target equipment on each ship. The expanded version of the SYM-3 will monitor several new shipboard systems, including tactical computer networks, gun systems, and a new generation of radar equipment for future installations.” More than half of the new funding received is devoted to LCS applications of the SYM-3.

“It’s a big vote of confidence in Mikros that the Navy has decided to apply our AN/SYM-3 System to another critical weapons system, the NATO Seasparrow Surface Missile System, which is installed on two other ship classes,” added Mikros President Chuck Bristow. “This gives us a great opportunity to expand deployments of the system and demonstrate its value across three different ship types and multiple combat systems.”

Mikros works closely with the Navy’s Subject Matter Experts for each new target system to design and implement these new capabilities. Installed SYM-3 systems continue to provide critical information and deliver value to the US Navy. The system has detected and helped to avert problems with shipboard combat systems, illustrating the benefits of deploying CBM capabilities.

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