Mikros Systems Completes Second Installation of its AN/SYM-3 System on USS Freedom (LCS 1)

Mikros Systems Corporation has successfully completed the second install and testing of its AN/SYM-3 system previously known as ADEPT Distance Support Sensor Suite (ADSSS) onboard the U.S. Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship USS Freedom (LCS 1).

With this install Mikros has completed the first installation on each of the LCS variants along with the shore model-based prognostic framework.

AN/SYM-3 provides condition-based maintenance for mission-critical complex distributed systems using smart sensors, model-based prognostics and secure fault-tolerant networking. AN/SYM’s model-based prognostics framework converts large amounts of data into actionable information for operations, maintenance and logistics, while a secure fault-tolerant network helps protect critical operational data.

As installed on LCS 1, AN/SYM-3 will use Mikros’ proprietary model-based Prognostics Framework technology to monitor combat system elements to detect and predict on-ship system failures and apply predictive analytics to on-shore systems to detect broader maintenance trends and patterns across the fleet.

“We are proud to support the readiness of U.S. Navy combat systems with our condition-based maintenance solution and we look forward to expanding the AN/SYM-3 technology to additional LCS and U.S. Navy platforms,” stated AN/SYM-3 Program Manager Lori Ogles.

Mikros Systems Corporation is an advanced technology company specializing in electronic systems technology for advanced maintenance in military, industrial and commercial applications.

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