Naval Group, ECA Group Forms New Consortium Belgium Naval & Robotics

Naval Group and ECA Group announced at Euronaval the name of their consortium, as Belgium Naval & Robotics, created as part of the response to the Belgian-Dutch consultation for the replacement and initial support of their mine warfare capability.

As partners in a consortium Belgium Naval & Robotics, formed for this call for tender, Naval Group and ECA Group are offering an innovative solution for robotic mine warfare, which is fully integrated on board an MCM military vessel.

The two partners have combined all their most effective and resilient sea-proven solutions, already in mission with other clients, to provide the Belgian and Dutch naval forces with a comprehensive, integrated and cyber-secure solution at a cost-effective ownership cost.

In addition to these solutions, the two partners have formed a project management team based in Belgium, which will rely on various local partners, with whom alliances have already been established.

Belgium Naval & Robotics

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