Navistar Defense to Supply Medium Tactical Vehicles to Somalia

Navistar Defense LLC has been awarded a firm-fixed-price Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contract, worth $24.5 million, from the U.S. Army Contracting Command (ACC) to supply medium tactical vehicles to Somalia.

The contract is for two commercial MTV variants – the 6×6 General Transport Truck and the 6×6 Wrecker Vehicle Recovery Truck – and spare parts.

The International 7000-MV is a family of 6×6 medium tactical vehicles based on Navistar International’s WorkStar truck chassis and produced by Navistar Defense. All variants of the truck are powered by the same International MaxxForce D7.6 heavy-duty turbocharged diesel engine delivering up to 330 HP and 950 lb-ft of torque.

The 7000-MV trucks are being used in Iraq and Afghanistan as a general troop transporter; wrecker; water tanker; petroleum, oil and lubricant vehicle; and hazardous material truck.

International 7000-MV GTT

The International 7000-MV GTT (General Transport Truck) is ideal for off-road missions as a hauler of heavy-duty material or converted to a heavily armored personnel carrier.

The 7000-MV GTT offers a 5-ton off-road capacity and a weapon station that can handle up to .5 caliber weapons. The GTT has removable seating to transport up to 20 soldiers or cargo – including ISO containers.

International 7000-MV GTT
International 7000-MV GTT General Transport Truck. Photo by Navistar Defense,

International 7000-MV Recovery Vehicle

International 7000-MV Recovery Vehicle is the recovery vehicle variant of the versatile 7000-MV platform. This rugged off-road truck is equipped with a crane for vehicle recovery and lifting heavy equipment.

International 7000-MV Recovery Vehicle
International 7000-MV Recovery Vehicle, Photo by Navistar Defense.

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